Built in only 17 months, on an area of over 700,000 m2, the new factory in Ulmi, Dambovita county, implements the latest technological innovations and automation processes. By integrating type IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications, including intelligent equipment, interconnected devices and cooperative robotics technologies, it will have a production capacity of 2.2 million washing machines per year, being one of the largest factories in Europe.

“The new washing machine factory in Ulmi represents an important step in transforming Romania into a hub for the production of household appliances for the whole of Europe. Over 1,400 new jobs have been created, and our products will reach over 85 countries. At the same time, the new factory is the first green production unit in Romania and a candidate for LEED Platinum certification, the highest certification that such a factory can achieve", said Murat Buyukerk, Arctic CEO.

The concept of Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revolution and uses the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic technologies, which can increase productivity by 30%. More than 70% of the production operations are based on self-defined and self-managed systems, while the quality control is 100% automated.
Arctic is also one of the most important exporters of Romania, currently 80% of the local production reaching over 85 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. (source: doingbusiness.ro)