Agrana has concluded a purchase agreement with Lemarco regarding the two refineries, a press release issued by the Austrian company informs. “Agrana plans to increase its sugar beet production and expand its sugar refinery activities, and thus, consolidate its position on the South-East European market,” Johann Marihart, CEO of Agrana, stated.

The agreement is awaiting approval from competition authorities, according to the company. Agrana owns two additional sugar refineries in Romania, namely in Buzau and Roman, and sells sugar through the brands Margaritar and Coronita. The Austrian Group has an annual turnover of approximately 3 billion euros and owns 55 factories in 26 countries with 8,500 employees.


According to data provided by the Trade Register, the shareholders of Lemarco are George Gellert, American citizen, with 50 percent of shares, Penciulescu Cristian, 10 percent, Neculai Maratas, 20 percent, and Mircea Radina, 20 percent. (source: