Basescu said in his address at the ceremony for the opening of the TRW Automotive plant located in Roman, the county of Neamt, that over 2008-2013, Romania’s governments have provided the foreign and Romanian investors with state aid worth 770 million euros, out of total investments of 3.1 billion euros, Mediafax reports.


 “This has set up the prerequisites for what is happening now, as Romania’s exports have been constantly on the rise, during the crisis period included,” Basescu said.  The head of state also said that out of the 770 million euros allotted to job creation and investments, only 320 million euros were spend, meaning that there are more investments on the way and Romania’s industrial potential is on the rise. “It’s clear that due to the full non-payment of the state aids Romania’s Government has approved, there is still resource for investments to increase and for more jobs,” Traian Basescu pointed out.


Basescu also said that the production at this plant will be exported in proportion of 85 percent. “People earning an average income, as well as people on a high income, driving Range Rovers, Rolls Royce or other cars, will have their lives protected by your work,” said Basescu. The President wishes investors success, ensuring them he will pay attention to the evolution of this plant also after the end of his term.

Roman deputy Elena Udrea and President of Neamt County Council, Culita Tarata also attended the opening ceremony.


TRW Automotive US auto parts producer opened a new unit for the sewing of airbags in Roman, the county of Neamt, thus expanding operations in Romania. The company estimates it needs an additional volume of 12 million airbags for the next five years. TRW opened last year a new production unit in Baia Mare that covers steering wheels of Audi cars in leather. TRW has been operating in Romania since 2004. The Group owns production units in Baia Mare, Oravita (Caras-Severin), Lupeni (Hunedoara) and Marghita (Bihor), with over 3,000 de employees nationwide. (Source: