"We want to attract funds to develop social, road or other infrastructure, and indirectly to help increase employment and increase the local budget. We need to create a climate of understanding this need and to give everyone who is responsible for the destiny of our commune, the contest and the skill for this desideratum. Having managed to lower taxes to encourage investor attraction, here are the first notable results in this direction. Baumit Romania, a Romanian company with Austrian capital, a member of the Schmid Industrie Holding Group, with a consolidated turnover of over 2 billion euros a year, will invest in our community over 3 million euros in a first phase. Providing high-quality, innovative and environment-friendly construction systems and materials, as well as state-of-the-art technology such as self-propelled silos and mechanized application machines, the company will create 35-45 jobs in Șag. In addition, through its presence, through taxes paid, budget revenues will increase", Flavius Roșu declared.

Baumit entered Romania in 1995 with two factories in Bolentin Deal (Giurgiu County) and Teius (Alba County). The company also has two warehouses in Bucharest and Bolentin Deal and offices in Cluj. (source: adevarul.ro)