Bilbor Mineral Water has entered insolvency following the admission by Ilfov Court of the request made by Marsim International.


Casa de Insolventa Transilvania was named the temporary judicial administrator and the first meeting of the general lenders assemble was set for 17th of April 2015.


 Bilbor Mineral Water was established in 2009 and involved an initial investment of more than EUR 10 million for the construction of a factory in Bilbor, Harghita county, 12 kilometres from Borsec.


According to public financial data, the turnover of Bilbor Mineral Water has decreased in 2013 with 22 pct, compared to the previous year, to 7.65 million lei (EUR 1.73 million), and the loss reduced down to 1.1 million lei (62 pct drop, down to EUR 250,000). (source: