The inauguration is part of Bilka’s EUR 6 million investment plan.


“We want to be able to satisfy any order and deliver the products in just 24 hours. Quality and timeliness are the main criteria for our customers, followed by price. In order to fulfill these criteria, two production lines were absolutely necessary”, according to Horatiu Tepes, owner of Bilka Steel.


The company registered a turnover of approx. RON 45 million in Q1 2013, up 43 percent year-on year.


“Our evolution in the first half of the year was sustained through the investments we made in our new production capacities. After we acquired the Romlag Brasov assets at the start of the year, which are currently in renovation, and expanded our area by 27,000 square meters, we followed it up with two production lines that enhanced our capacity for Bilka Classic tiles by 60 percent. The next step is a new line of roof accessories which will be built with european funds”, according to Tepes.


The Bilka Steel factory in Brasov recorded a turnover of RON 103 million in 2014 and currently covers an area of 45,000 square meters. 3.2 million square meters of metallic tile was produced here last year. (source: