Occupancy costs of the industrial spaces in Bucharest and Prague will have the smallest growth in the next four years:

"Tenants in some countries in CEE, including Prague and Bucharest will benefit from the world’s lowest growth of the occupancy costs of the logistics premises. The biggest growth, registered in Dublin, will reflect the strong demand of the logistics operators to expand on this market", the study shows, according to Mediafax.


Moreover, the authors estimate that in Bucharest, Prague and Anvers (Belgium), the absolute costs (occupancy cost plus wages for the labour) will register the smallest growth in the period 2014-2018, being "the most favourable" markets for tenants worldwide. The costs growth will be under a percent per year by 2018, less than 5 pct over the entire period, according to DTZ estimations.


Currently, the occupancy cost of the logistics spaces in Bucharest situates at approx. 75 dollars per year, more than in Milan, Brussels, Anvers or Marseille. The costs in Bucharest are among the smallest in Central and South-Eastern Europe with Budapest, Prague and Warsaw being situated closer to the maximum level registered in London.


In Europe the average occupancy cost is 120 dollars per year, 20 pct higher than in the United States (100 dollars per year) and 30 pct. higher than the average in Asia Pacific (92 dollars/year). Worldwide, London Heathrow remains the most expensive market, followed by Hong Kong, Zurich, Singapore and Oslo, same as last year.


"Continuation of the world economy recovery will encourage the consumption, the production and the global trade. Combined withthe growth of the e-commerce, it will lead to the growth of the request for logistics spaces", the report shows. (source: wall-street.ro)