The courier company relocated to a new headquarters offering 3,000 sq. m sorting and warehouse space and 1,800 sq. m A class offices. The new headquarters also has a 10,000 sq. m parking for the delivery vehicles’ transit.


The relocation was possible due to an investment of approx. EUR 300,000 in sorting, processing and working equipment and will determine 15 pct. growth in delivering capacity before 12 o’clock. „Cargus experienced a rapid growth in the last period, and the increasing of the sorting capacity became mandatory. The volume growth in the first quarter of this year was impressive, with 44 pct. more deliveries registered than in the same period of 2013. Moreover, we expect to have an increase of volume due to investments made in new products and services and we need to accommodate the new delivery volume accordingly”, has declared Gian Sharp, CEO Cargus.


The new Cargus headquarters will accommodate approx. 500 employees and is situated on The Ring Road, in Tunari area. The former headquarters in Otopeni is no longer used by the company


Cargus is owned by Abris Capital Partners, a mid-market fund of private equity, company that has taken over the courier company from DHL in autumn 2012. (source: