Romania has attracted real estate transactions of EUR 84 million in the analyzed period, with over 51% fall compared to the same period of 2012. In Ukraine there was no transaction recorded in the first nine months of the year, considering that in 2012 the investors bought properties totalizing EUR 249 million.

After Ukraine, the lowest value of the real estate transactions was registered in Bulgaria, EUR 27 million respectively, the market registering though a threefold increase compared to 2012.

Totally in CEE a value of transactions of EUR 6.8 billion was registered, with 47% increase compared to the similar period of last year, CBRE data shows.

Largest part of the real estate transactions targeted Russia, a market with EUR 3.6 billion value, with 41% increase compared to 2012. Poland is on the second place, with almost EUR 2 billion and 82% increase. The owners in the Czech Republic sold real estate assets of EUR 597 million, compared to EUR 378 million in 2012, while in Slovakia the transactions registered EUR 190 million, compared to EUR 1 million one year ago.

Hungary also registered an increase of the transactions value, from EUR 84 million to EUR 129 million.

The Baltic Countries the investors injected EUR 152 million, more than twice the value registered in 2012.

All the asset categories have registered an increase of the transactions value, with offices being most targeted, followed by retail and industrial.


Therefore, in the analyzed period, more than EUR 3 billion were office transactions (with 92% increase), EUR 2.67 billion retail transactions (66% increase) and EUR 607 million industrial spaces transactions (49% increase). (source: