“We will finish Nadlac-Arad (lot 1), Orastie-Sibiu (lot 3) and we’re trying to finish Timisoara-Lugoj (lot 2) and the second lot of Nadlac-Arad. For this final one, which is 16 kilometers long, the auction will be published tomorrow or at the very latest on Friday”, according to Nicolae.


“So far we don’t have any delays in our contracts that can’t be recovered”, the Road Authority official specified.


Asked why the process of building highways unfolds so slowly in Romania, Nicolae answered:


“There are several reasons: the low quality of feasibility studies, problems with expropriations, notices, local authorities, environment issues, gas pipes, problems we face every day and that we have to deal with. Then there are the appeals, and lots of them ask for procedures to be cancelled”.


Nicolae also mentioned that feasibility studies are quite expensive.


“The cheapest one costs RON 14 million and the most expensive RON 40 million, so between EUR 3 million and EUR 10 million”. (source: business-review.eu)