Thus, activity growth is only anticipated for the processing industry through a moderate increase in production volume (conjuncture balance +6 percent). Where production is concerned, the following activities will experience growth: manufacture of chemical substances and products (conjuncture balance +36 percent), manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (conjuncture balance +29 percent), manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products (conjuncture balance +27 percent), and manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (conjuncture balance +26 percent). Industrial product prices will maintain current levels (conjuncture balance +3 percent) and the number of employees will drop (conjuncture balance -6 percent).

Production volumes (conjuncture balance -30 percent) and the number of employees (conjuncture balance -25 percent) in the constructions industry are expected to drop. Managers estimate a decrease in the stock of contracts and orders (conjuncture balance -25 percent). Prices for works performed are expected to remain relatively stable (conjuncture balance +1 percent), according to an INS press release.

Relative stability is also what managers predict for economic activity (conjuncture balance -3 percent) and total volume of sale of goods (conjuncture balance -1 percent) in retail sales. Likewise, commercial units’ orders addressed to goods suppliers will remain stable (conjuncture balance -4 percent). Employers expect an increase in the number of employees in the following three months (conjuncture balance +7 percent) and in retail selling prices (conjuncture balance +6 percent).

Demand of services (turnover) will also remain relatively stable (conjuncture balance 0 percent). This sector will experience a moderate decrease in the number of employees (conjuncture balance -8 percent) and stagnation of prices (conjuncture balance 0 percent).


Another INS report reveals that the number of construction permits for houses has dropped by 1.7 percent in the first nine months compared to the same period in 2012 to 29,090 permits. (source: