“We are very proud that the Craiova made 1.5 l EcoBoost engine will equip the next generation of the world’s best selling vehicle nameplate: the Ford Focus. The production of the 1.5 l EcoBoost engine started in April 2013 at our Craiova plant and up until now we have manufactured more than 90.000 units. The 1.5l EcoBoost engine has been first introduced last year in China in the all-new Ford Mondeo, followed by the Fusion sedan in North America and will also be available on the European Mondeo later in 2014. The first units of the 1.5 l EcoBoost engine will be shipped from Craiova to the Focus assembly plant in Saarlouis (Germany) in the second half of this year,” the American car manufacture said.


Ford estimates Focus sales globally reached 1.1 million in 2013, including more than 300,000 in China, making it the best-selling passenger car in the fastest-growing new car market in the world. (source: nineoclock.ro)