Dacia car registrations on the French market amounted to 10,305 units in March 2014 (compared with 6,747 units in March 2013), accounting for about one quarter of the 47,526 cars sold by the Renault Group last month in France.


Dacia’s market share climbed from 5.21 percent in the first three months of last year to 6.35 percent in the same period this year. Only three other brands reported a higher growth than Dacia in the first quarter – Infiniti (owned by Nissan) from 24 to 164 cars, Lancia (owned by Fiat) with an 83 percent growth to 1,616 units, and Lexus (owned by Toyota) on the rise by 34.3 percent to 772 cars. With 13,137 cars sold, Dacia Sandero has the sixth highest sales in the first quarter and a 2.9 percent market share.


The Dacia SUV Duster is 13th by the same criteria, with 10,432 sold cars and a 2.3 percent market share, while Logan MCV II is 53rd, with 1,945 registered cars and a 0.4 percent market share. Dacia also features in the top 100 best sold car models, and its product, Lodgy, has a total of 1,655 cars delivered in the first three months and a 0.4 percent market share.


As for the Renault Group, Dacia new car registrations rose by 52.7 percent, and the Renault brand reported a 14 percent increase. (source: nineoclock.ro)