Delphi is one of Sudbury's main employers, but the factory, which employs over 500 workers, will be closed by mid-2020.
Globally, Delphi Technologies has about 19,000 employees. The decision that some of the plant's activities to be moved to Iasi, is supported by the lower operating costs in Romania.

Recently, the company has opened an IT center in Bucharest, in Globalworth Campus in Pipera, to provide information technology services for the company's technology centers as well as for the company's global support factories and divisions.

Delphi has been operating in Romania since 1997, reaching 8,000 employees in 4 factories - Miroslava (Iasi), Sânnicolau Mare (Timis), Ineu (Arad) and Moldova Noua (Caraş-Severin).
In Iasi, Delphi Technologies has a factory for high pressure pumps and injectors for the automotive industry. In 2017, Delphi Diesel Systems Romania, with over 2,000 employees, had businesses of about 2 billion lei and a net profit of 195.4 million lei. (source: