For instance, Boris Billich, CEO and Chairman of Mercedes-Benz Romania, considers that, through dedicated strategies, Mercedes-Benz Romania plans to have the best results and consolidate the position of the company in all segments. He also estimates a slight increase of the market share both in the premium segment and for the auto market in general, reads a press release. “In 2014 we expect an increasing number of customers to opt for purchasing a new or used automobile,” Billich added.

Compared to 2012, last year’s sales marked a significant increase in general terms, taking into consideration all the business units of Mercedes-Benz Romania. This year, Mercedes-Benz Romania will continue to expand its portfolio of products with new models of automobiles (Class C, GLA, Class V, Class S-Coupe, CLS Facelift, Class B Facelift), thus planning to maintain its position of leader and continue the upward trend registered last year.

Even more important for investors are the German speaking skills, at a very high level of proficiency. Many Romanians take seriously the chance of completing their education up to University in German. The classes where German in taught are composed in Sibiu of 90 pc Romanian students. “The places are truly in demand,” says the manager of Daimler, Bernd Krottmayer. And this helped him, as well as other investors.


 At Daimler, in order to secure its demand of employees, “Star Transmission” became involved, alongside other companies, in planning a German business school in Sibiu, as early as this year. At the same time, the already present companies keep expanding. The car parts manufacturer Continental conducted its 4th expansion of the factory in February 2012 and the personnel increased from 1,800 to 2,300. Due to investors, the unemployment rate around Sibiu dropped, according to Romanian statistics, from 10.3 pc in year 2000 to approximately 4.1 pc in 2012, under the country average. (source: