The park covering an area of 5.7 ha uses 9,792 high-efficiency solar panels produced by the French company Voltec Solar. „ECOSUN Expert Romania is the only supplier in Romania of the Voltec solar panels, and this project can be considered as a showroom, where our future possible partners have the chance to assess and appreciate the efficiency of these panels, guaranteed by the producer for 25-30 years,” associate director Frederic Rohmer said.

The annual production of the photovoltaic park put at nearly 3.3 GW is enough to supply gas to 3,000 households in Podu Olt and Harman. Generally, an investment worth 1-2 million euros, depending on various factors, is needed in order to install 1 MW in a solar project.


The rate of return on investments, reported to the period of the park’s functioning of 25-30 years, reveals if a photovoltaic project is good or not, and not the price invested in an installed MW. Works on a second park, under the same technical and financial parameters, are underway. (source: