Eli Xpress buildings will have areas between 6,000 and 12,000 square meters and will be located in the immediate vicinity of large cities, or even inside them.

"Accelerating the migration trend of significant volumes from retail to online will lead to a sustained demand for flexible storage spaces in areas that can ensure shorter delivery", explains Muler Onofrei, CEO & Co-Founder, Element Industrial.

The first project of this kind is Eli Xpress Constanța, a logistics park of 11,000 sqm, rented to Altex and Bere Băuturi Constanța, purchased last year from the alcoholic beverage distributor, Bere Băuturi.

The intention of Element Industrial is to build a portfolio of such projects, through the direct acquisition of warehouses, or through the development of land that meets the requirements. At the same time, the developer continues the investments in the Eli Parks network, logistics parks with areas between 50-60,000 sqm. The second phase of Eli Park 1, in the Buftea - Chitila area, is delivered during this period, and the company secured land in cities such as Craiova, Bacău, Târgoviște or Timișoara, working on the authorization of the projects. (source: forbes.ro)