The EU multi-annual budget of EU for 2014-2020 assigns EUR 26 billion for the nine transportation corridors.

Romania is included in the transportation corridors Orient/East-Mediterranean and Rhine- Danube, shows the documents publish by EC.

Therefore, the Orient/East-Mediterranean will connect the sea transportation infrastructure from North Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, optimizing the harbors of EU countries. The project will improve the transportation connections between Northern Germany, Czech Republic, Pannonia region and SEE. The corridor continues on the sea towards Greece and Cyprus.


The Rhine- Danube corridor, based on the Danube and Main (Germany) will connect the regions Strasbourg and Frankfurt, through Southern Germany, to Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and the Black Sea, with an important component facilitating the connection between Munich, Prague, Zilina, Kosice and the Ukraine border.  (source: