FOB – Free on board – exports amounted to RON 219.12 bln (EUR 49.56 bln), whil CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight – imports topped RON 244.33 bln (EUR 55.26 bln). The FOB-CIF trade deficit reached RON 25.21 bln (EUR 5.7 bln), RON 17.77 bln (EUR 3.9 bln) under the figure of 2012, INS informs.

The value of Intra EU28 exchanges of goods last year was RON 152.5 bln (EUR 34.5 bln) in terms of outflow and RON 185.01 bln (EUR 41.86 bln) for inflows, accounting for 69.6 percent of total exports and 75.7 percent of total imports. The value of Extra EU28 exchanges of goods topped RON 66.61 bln (EUR 15.05 bln) for exports and RON 59.32 bln (EUR 13.4 bln) for imports, equivalent of 30.4 percent of total exports and 24.33 percent of total imports.

Important shares of last year’s exports and imports were held by several product categories: transport machines and equipment (42 percent of exports and 35 percent of imports) and other manufactured goods (32.5 percent of exports and 29.8 percent of imports). The top exporters were Dacia and Ford, Romania’s two major automakers. In December 2013, according to the preliminary estimations of INS, FOB exports amounted to RON 17.18 bln (EUR 3.85 bln), while CIF imports reached RON 19.39 bln (EUR 4.35 bln).

Exports advanced by 21.2 percent if denominated in RON (22.5 percent in EUR) compared to December 2012 and imports soared 7 percent in RON (8.1 percent in EUR). Against November, exports dropped by 14.5 percent in RON (14.7 percent in EUR) and imports also went down 11.2 percent in RON (11.5 percent in EUR). The trade deficit in December was RON 2.2 bln (EUR 494.5 M), RON 1.73 bln (EUR 382.7 M) smaller than in December 2012.


The same INS data reveal that the turnover of the commerce of road vehicles and motorcycles advanced as a whole against the previous year, by 2.7 percent in unadjusted series and by 2.4 percent in series adjusted with the number of working days and seasonal factors, driven by an increase of the sales of spare parts, while the sales of automobiles diminished. Commerce with parts and accessories for road vehicles advanced 12.5 percent, unadjusted series. Lower figures were registered by the maintenance and repair of road vehicles (9.3 percent), the commerce of motorcycles, parts and accessories; maintenance and repairs of motorcycles (7.6 percent) and the commerce with road vehicles (1.4 percent). INS also announced that the activity of market services provided to the population diminished last year both in unadjusted series (3.7 percent) and adjusted series (3.6 percent). (source: