“While Ford B-Max continues to be one of the best selling models on the B-MAV segment, the European car market remains in a slump. As a result, the Craiova plant will be forced to stop production for a significant number of days this year, both in the assembly and engine production lines. In order to assure competitiveness and to exercise a stronger control over operational costs, we are forced to take extra measures to adjust production volumes to the current level of market demand. This requires a cutback in work force”, according to Ana-Maria Timis, Ford Romania spokesperson.


Ford Romania will implement a voluntary layoff program for 680 employees. All the plant’s employees can sign up for the program until December 18.


“Concurrently, we will begin negotiations with unions regarding firings on economic basis, if the target for voluntary layoffs will not be met. We want these measures to ensure the optimum use of our plant’s remaining workforce (…) while Ford is also looking for opportunities to commence production on a new model in Craiova”, said Ana-Maria Timis.


Ford has invested EUR 1 billion in the Craiova plant, which it acquired in 2008. (Source: business-review.eu)