Frigoglass factory in Romania will take over the Turkish production by the end of this year. With this decision, the group adjusts its production capacity to the low level of European demand in the last years.


Frigoglass focuses on the markets in Africa and Middle East, being one of the most important players in the field of Ice Cold Merchandiser (ICM) and the main supplier of glass packaging in West Africa. Frigoglass has operations in 19 countries and supplies equipments to companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, AB InBev, SABMiller, Carlsberg, Heineken, Nestle or Danone.


Last year, the Greek company decided to relocated part of the production activities in Romania asn Turkwy, in order to insure the working places in the country during a severe recession. Frigoglass businesses  in Romania situated last year at the value of 390 million lei and a profit of 1.6 million lei. The company has an average number of 768 employees. (source: