This deal marks Dalli’s entry in Romania, where it intends to expand. Dalli is a German family business which runs seven factories in Europe, and has 2,000 employees. It produces private label care products, such as detergents, cleaning products, cosmetics and creams.


The P&G factory in Timisoara currently makes laundry detergents under the Ariel, Tide and Bonux brands and dishwashing detergents under the Fairy brand.


After the deal, P&G will only keep the factory at Urlati in its portfolio, where it makes shampoos and hair care products. The two P&G factories in Romania, which are run by local company Detergenti SA, had a turnover of EUR 33 million and a net profit of EUR 3.8 million, with some 540 employees.


P&G’s sales in Romania were more than EUR 300 million, according to public data from the Finance Ministry. (source: