Thw company will produce cables for electric cars and has already received EUR 3.7 million in aid from the Romanian state.
Mennekes Electric SRL will be located in the industrial park 2 in Miroslava, 6 kilometers from Iaşi.

The Germans entered the local market last year, with the establishment in December of Mennekes Electric SRL.
The Romanian subsidiary of Mennekes was set up last year in Cluj Napoca, because they wanted to build the factory there. However, they migrated to Iaşi due to more favorable conditions.

"From my information, Mennekes also negotiated with the Tetarom industrial park in Cluj-Napoca for this investment, but for the Germans it was a great deal to find the necessary labor force, I think this was the strong point for the Miroslava industrial park", explained Dorel Codina, executive director of Miroslava Industrial Parc. 
The German company sells the cables to Tesla, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW. (source: