After in the last two years the highway network of Romania has developed with more than 250 km, 2014 will be less “productive” regarding new completions.

For this year there are scheduled for opening highway segments on almost 70 km, mainly situated on the Priority Axis 7  (former IV Pan-European Corrdior), between Nădlac and Sibiu.

 Therefore, this year should be opened the third segment (with a length of 22 km) which will complete the highway between Orăştie and Sibiu. 2014 should also bring the completion of the highway Nădlac-Arad, representing the gateway in Romania from the Western Europe. In 2014 the first 6.5 km from the highway Bucureşti-Ploieşti should also be completed, situated between, Petricani Road in Bucharest and Bucharest Ring Road.


The completion of this segment depends though by the financing the State will grant for this project. It is precisely the lack of funds for infrastructure that postponed last year the execution contract for this highway “knot”, of only 6.5 km, until April 2015. (Source: