Industrial production prices were up 0.1 percent month-on-month only for consumer goods, while industry saw a decline of 0.8 percent, and capital goods, down 0.4 percent for production prices. Year-on-year, prices were up 1.6 percent for durable goods, and by 1.5 percent for consumer goods.


Industrial production prices were down by 2.9 percent for the energy products, 2.4 percent for intermediate goods, and down 0.2 percent for capital goods. The same INS report shows a 9.3 percent increase in first quarter retail sales according to raw data and an 8.3 percent growth according to adjusted data, as a result of higher non-food product, fuel, and food, beverage, and tobacco sales.

According to the raw data, non-food sales reported the highest growth, of 13.1 percent, followed by car fuel sales with 7.1 percent, and food, beverage, and tobacco sales with 6.1 percent. According to data adjusted by number of workdays and seasonality, non-food sales went up by 12.3 percent, fuel sales by 5.9 percent, and food, beverage, and tobacco sales by 5.7 percent. In the same month, retail sales have gone up by 13.6 percent according to raw data and by 11.9 percent according to adjusted data. (Source: