The industrial branches the most developed in the Iasi County are: IT&software, pharmacy, textiles, metallurgy and constructions.


The Iasi County has also a significant tourist potential, among the tourist attractions being: the oldest church of Moldavia with an outside painting - the St. George Harlau Church; the oldest worship place of Iasi - the St. Nicolae Domnesc Church, founded by ruler Stephen the Great between 1491 - 1492; the oldest of the Jewish houses of prayer of Romania - the Great Synagogue; the biggest Armenian church of Romania, 600+ years - The Armenian Church; the first memorial museum of literature of Romania - the Ion Creanga Museum (Bojdeuca / the Hut); the oldest monument of Romania: the Monument of the Constitutional Laws, known as the Obelisk with lions, made by Mihail Singurov, in 1834, after a project by Gh. Asachi - the Copou Park; the first Botanical garden of Romania; the oldest higher-school tuition institution of Romania - the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (1860); the last building founded by Stephen the Great - the Dobrovat Monastery, etc.


In the first four months of 2014, in the Iasi County were registered 52,689 tourist arrivals and 107,076 overnights. The parameter of net utilization of the accommodation was 20.2 pct., in January, 25.1 pct. in February, 28.8 pct. in March and 27.1 pct. in April.


At end-April 2014, the number of employees reached 146,471 persons, many of whom working in services - 98,791 persons.


The unemployment rate was 5.2 pct., slightly over the national average, while the unemployed counted for 15,589 persons, of whom 6,034 women.


The average gross salary at county level reached 2,105 lei at end-April, while the net average one was 1,520 lei.


The number of active legal persons in the County of Iasi was 22,386, at end-July. 38.37 pct. of the shareholders / associates of the county's active companies were women, while 44.05 pct. of them are up to 39 years of age, according to data released by the National Office of the Trade Register (ONRC).


In the first seven months of 2014, in the Iasi County were registered 2,318 authorized and legal persons. Likewise, 2,129 companies were radiated, 337 suspended activity, 272 were dissolved and 538 entered insolvency. (Source: