The investment will be completed this year and will generate over 150 new working places.


„Towards the end of this year the new production unit will be inaugurated, which will determine the increase of the production capacity and thus the turnover growth with more than a third. We estimate that over 150 people will be hired, within all levels“, has declared for ZF Transilvania Elena Covaciu, general manager and shareholder within Ipec.


Ipec had last year a turnover over 92 million lei (EUR 20.7 million), a net gain of 10 million lei (EUR 2.3 million), with an average number of employees of 742. In the first quarter of this year the company’s business have increased with 18 pct. compared to the same period of last year, according to Ipec officials.


 „In 2014 we have in plan the completion of the implementation projects of some intelligent platforms, which monitor and manage in real time the consumption, the production or the utilities maintenance data“,Elena Covaciu said. (source: