The short-term survey conducted in October 2014 found that the managers in the manufacturing industry expect the output volume to grow moderately, INS said. Estimates point to an upward trend in sectors such the paper and paper products industry, the manufacturing of basic pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical preparations, while a sharp decline is anticipated in the manufacturing of coke products and oil processing products.


As far as the prices of industrial products and the number of employees are concerned, the industry managers expect a relative stability in the next three months.


The construction activity will see a decline in the output volume in the last quarter of the year, and the number of employees and the stock of contracts and orders will also go down. The prices of construction works are expected to stay relatively stable.


In the retail trade sector, the managers' estimation for the next three months is a stable trend of the economic activity and of the volume of orders to suppliers. The employers also forecast a moderate increase in the number of employees and the stability of retail prices.


According to estimates surveyed in October 2014, the demand for services (turnover) will keep stable in the last quarter of the year. Also, the number of employees in the sector of services and the selling or billing prices are seen following a flatline. (Source: