The retailer's decision to increase the capacity of the platform in Ștefăneștii de Jos - the largest logistics center METRO Cash & Carry in the country, with an area of over 65,000 square meters after expansion, which includes all storage and distribution operations - aims to both integrate in the platform of suppliers in the area of direct store delivery (DSD), as well as ensuring an optimal logistical capacity to cope with the increasing volumes of goods.

”One Roof is the most ambitious project developed by METRO Cash & Carry in recent years, an example of teamwork, innovation and synergies, which has allowed us an optimal consolidation of logistics activities. The fact that we are taking another step in the development of the platform, despite the whole context of the last year, which has not been easy for anyone, is an additional signal that we are going in the right direction and remain equally dedicated to our mission to support our customers and to contribute concretely to the success of their business", declares Adrian Ariciu, CEO of METRO Cash & Carry Romania.

At the same time, the extension is in line with the strategic direction of One Roof, to include on a single platform all the retailer's operations, with the option to expand depending on the evolution of the business, volumes and needs of METRO Cash & Carry Romania customers. Moreover, it is the most balanced option in terms of cost efficiency and contractual flexibility.

"This is the best option with which we manage to maximize the logistics capacity made available to our customers in the medium and long term. Already, prior to the decision to expand and allocate the 10,000 square meters to the environmental warehouse, the sales peaks exceeded our growth estimates, although we took all measures to streamline the managed space, including maximum supplementation of pallets, "adds Adrian Ariciu.

The project, approved by the METRO Cash & Carry board at the end of last year, is to be handed over in the fall of 2021, based on a lease contract concluded for 10 years, with the possibility of extension for another 10 years.