CTP and MSL Logistic have been partners for over 10 years. At the commencement of the partnership, MSL Logistic rented an area of 1,800 m2 and it doubled its capacity to 3,500 m2 in 2017, only to expand even more in 2021, reaching 8,500 m2 , due to an increase of over 75% in distributed volumes. Given that MSL Logistic provides the distribution of pharmaceutical products at national level, the storage space has been specially designed and customized by CTP to meet the company’s needs. Dedicated teams of CTP project managers worked quickly and efficiently to deliver the space on time and on budget, so that MSL Logistic has no operational syncope.

The dedicated space has a permanent temperature and humidity monitoring system, a refrigeration chamber that ensures constant temperatures between 2°C and -8°C. The temperature in the warehouse is controlled and it ranges between 15°C and 25 °C and is equipped with 2 external generators, that come into operation just one second after a potential disruption that might affect the temperature in the area. The area also includes specially designed spaces for the partial production of medicines. The temperature-controlled storage space has a capacity of 12,000 pallets, and the refrigeration room has a capacity of about 300 pallets. Moreover, the area includes spaces with a special dedicated safety regime for the storage of narcotic products.

Andrei Koszti, Regional Commercial Manager CTP Romania, stated: “We are customer centric company, and we always build customized solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each of our partner's businesses. Thus, we have managed to build long-term sustainable relationships, such as the one with MSL Logistic – a company that provides services for the pharmaceutical sector and thus needs to comply to very strict rules and regulations for the storage and transport of products. We are glad that in the last 10 years MSL Logistic has given us their trust and has chosen not only to stay with us, but also to expand the space they rent, and we are convinced that our partnership will continue in the foreseeable future.”
 Nicu Musat, General Manager MSL Logistic Services, declared: “Safety and storage conditions are extremely important for us and for the sector we are part of, which is why we are pleased to have found a reliable partner that has been able to adapt to our needs, to customize their offering and to offer us the space we need for development. We are reliable partners for our customers, large corporate companies but also local producers manufacturing medicines; we are also building long-term relationships with our suppliers, which is why for us the relationship with CTP is very important and we are glad that we have managed to grow together in the past 10 years.”
CTP Park Chitila is located on Bucharest’s external ring-road, with direct access from the highway, and has a built area of 48,000 m2 and a possibility of expansion of more than 11,500 m2. The complete local infrastructure makes CTP Park Chitila one of the best storage locations in Romania and offers great potential for further development. The Park has a current occupancy rate of over 90%, providing logistic services to companies such as RTC, Europharm and MSL Logistic. One of the Park’s most popular facilities is easy access to public transport.