Meanwhile, highway sections that total approximately 60 km are scheduled to be opened to traffic this year, on the Orastie-Sibiu and Nadlac-Arad routes. In fact, work on the two sections that make up the Nadlac-Arad highway should be resumed in 2014, the highway basically representing the gateway to Romania from Western Europe.

In fact, the most important projects value-wise will be the three highways whose construction works the state wants to lease, namely Comarnic-Brasov, Craiova-Pitesti and Bucharest’s highway-standard southern beltway. For the time being the state has only announced the private investors that will finance the Comarnic-Brasov highway, namely France’s Vinci, Greece’s Aktor and Austria’s Strabag.


The highway will be built for EUR 1.2 bln according to older estimates (the national road company is yet to announce details concerning the financial offer filed by the Vinci-Aktor-Strabag consortium). Also in 2014, the names of the other private investors willing to invest in the construction of the Craiova-Pitesti highway and Bucharest’s southern beltway should be announced. The works would start later this year, after the signing of the contracts. Overall, the three highway sections that will be built have a total length of 230 km and will cost approximately EUR 5 bln. (source: