At a press conference on Saturday, he stated such a project entails very large costs which Romania cannot afford at the moment. “It is an extraordinarily costly highway and technical and economic indicators have not been approved yet. It is very expensive, not necessarily by way of price per road kilometer, but by way of implied costs. The highway would pass through Natura 2000 site, which involves a series of protected areas and requires special construction work. It costs almost EUR 30 million per kilometer. The question is: can Romania afford it?”, Neaga stated.

In his opinion, the solution for highway construction is a partnership between the public and the private sector. According to the head of CNADNR, the first such partnership would be concluded this year for the Brasov-Comarnic highway.


The company intends to conclude public-private partnerships for the southern bypass in Bucharest and the Craiova-Pitesti highway. (source: