The new warehouses and industrial facilities are situated on plots of land in public and private industrial parks in Cluj-Napoca, Jucu, Dej or Câmpia Turzii.


The new warehouse of Sweden’s Trelleborg, active in Cluj since 2007, contributes with one of the largest investments in industrial projects from the H1 2014. Trelleborg will expand this year in the private industrial park in Dej with a new production facility for auto parts, the total investment reaching EUR 16 million. The company has received EUR 5.4 million from the government,


In the vicinity, the administrators of Arc Parc prepare the development of a new warehouse, on a plot of 1.5 ha within the industrial park in Dej. The facility will have 5,000 sq. m and an investment budget of EUR 2 million.


Another project mentioned by IBC Focus is the new warehouse and office building GPM Logistic, in construction in Tăietura Turcului area. GPM Logistic Investment has received last year the permit for a storage and office facility, a building with two floors, Tetarom I industrial park.


There are ongoing projects in Tetarom II industrial park too: Emerson continues its expansion, with the last phase of the project, production facility and offices. In 2013, Emerson announced the beginning of a new working site on the plot in Tetarom II, on the last available area: a mixed-use complex, with production facilities and offices, for 500 employees. The project, in construction, is scheduled for completion in the first half of the year.


In Tetarom III, the industrial park in Jucu, another investment is announced, a logistics platform of Karl Heinz Dietrich, together with the big investors which have completed or are going to complete new works this spring - Bosch and De’Longhi. According to the most recent data made public by Tetarom management, only 60% of the 154 ha of the industrial park is contracted, with four of the company that have pre-contracted spaces being: Bosch, De’Longhi, Karl Heinz Dietrich (logistics project) and Imperial (photovoltaic park).


The industrial projects list of IBC Focus also mentions a new project in the private industrial area Reif in Câmpia Turzii: a factory for auto parts on 12,000sq .m, developed by Cikautxo Rubber& Plastic. Oscar Downstream, the biggest unaffiliated oil company distributing diesel oil on the local market, also had in plan a warehouse in Cluj, according to IBC Focus.


A large scale project to be developed this year is the new research-development centre of the pharmaceutical company Terapia Ranbaxy. The company budgeted EUR 5.5 million investments for this project situated on the platform in Fabricii St., Cluj, according to data made public by its management.

ACI Cluj is also planning to develop this year a new factory on its own production platform. The unit should be built in Dezmirului St. area, with an investment of 14.7 million lei.


The expansion of Tetarom I and Tetarom IV also appears on the list of most important investments (infrastructure included). Both are though on hold for the moment, with the bids for construction contracts being contested. (Source: