E-fulfillment is a service in which an operator takes over the entire process of delivering orders for an online store- from storage to taking the orders, packaging, delivering, website management, based on cloud management systems, reporting and order tracing.

Frisbo will be taking over the operations of recently launched Leonardo.com.ro and of its online store Okian.ro online store, together with the expansion of Okian.com in the USA. Frisbo is headquartered in Brasov and has an infrastructure of 1,400 square meters, aiming to serve several online stores.

“We have been preparing for this moment for a year and it hasn’t been easy. We have built a warehouse, implemented an ERP and a business intelligence cloud system to allow any Frisbo client to connect to them. We have prepared a customer service department able to take over orders in the name of any online store, and a logistics system in the warehouse able to deliver from multiple storages,” said Bogdan Colceriu, CEO Frisbo.

The e-fulfillment service mainly targets e-commerce start-ups. “The operational aspects are difficult to manage and the cost optimization with these, especially when the focus is on the market or product is a promotion for an online store,” said Colceriu.


Okian has been selling foreign and Romanian titles in Romania for over 15 years, being represented in Romania by Pearson ELT, part of educational group Pearson Education. (source: business-review.eu)