Located in a 2.5 hectares complex, along with a modern warehouse, the state-of-the-art factory will produce paints, plasters, enamels, varnishes, and related products (primers etc.).
The new complex, where the factory and the new 5,000 sq m warehouse are located, will have internal logistics and distribution, aiming both to increase the quality and quantity of Policolor products and to optimize and streamline their delivery to customers.

The construction was completed in mid-June, and in the immediate period the new production units will pass through the testing phases and will start operating this summer.
The plant benefited from investments in the latest technologies, plus a number of elements transferred from the Theodor Pallady unit, which have been completely renovated, along with facilities for Quality Control and Assurance, as well as newly-built Research and Development center.

The warehouse was equipped with new storage and management equipment and will also benefit from a modern WMS (warehouse management system) that was not available at the Pallady unit. WMS will allow accurate inventory recording and quick and accurate choice for customers.

"For the new equipment and systems implemented, together with the actual construction of the new production facility, we invested 4.3 million euros. Moreover, the new deposit will become an essential part of our improved distribution capacity for the whole country and especially for Bucharest and southern Romania", says David Jordan, CEO Policolor Orgachim. (source: businesscover.ro)