The company is in the process of selecting a design firm for the next factory to house Klar Professional activities (the name of the automotive paints division). Offers should be sent in by April 7.

The new production unit should have a yield of 4,000 tons per year, similar to the potential of the current factory.

Policolor offers solutions and products classified in four big categories: Policolor Architectural (home design), Deko professional (construction), Klar Professional (automotive paint) and Industrial Coatings.

A week ago, Bogdan Jambori was appointed the new business unit director of Klar Professional. He joined the company at the beginning of the year. Jambori has over 17 years of professional background as sales manager in the paints and coatings industry for the auto and industrial sectors.


The Policolor – Orgachim group owns two production units in Romania and Bulgaria and is controlled by the RC2 investment. (source: