Prahova is currently hosting the largest private industrial park for logistics in Eastern Europe, as well as many other industrial parks in the region.


”Comparing to other counties, in Prahova there is the largest number of projects, respectively 12 industrial parks. (…) According to our data, there are 12,000 people working in the parks in Prahova, while there are 44,117 registered employees nationwide.”, shows a press release of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration sent to AGERPRES.  


According to the data offered by the local Trade and Industry Chamber, eight of the 12 industrial parks have public administration, with the Local Council Prahova as sole administrator in seven of them and one park being administrated by the local Council in Vălenii de Munte.


There are also four other industrial parks with private administration, three of them being Belgian investments.


”The industrial parks represent an interest both for Romanian investors and mainly for foreigners in Prahova.  (…) Prahova is a favourite county regarding foreign investments. We have 2,340 companies with foreign or mixed capital. Considering the total number of companies, Italy comes in the first places, with almost 25%, followed by Germany, Turkey, France, USA. We are the county with the biggest number of American equity in Romania, due to the oil industry profile in Prahova”, has declared the president of  CCI Prahova, Aurelian Gogulescu.


Ploiești Industrial Park (PIP), founded in early 2002 having as its sole shareholder the Local Council of Prahova, is now active in four areas, respectively Ploiești, Urlați, Mizil and Ciorani, on a total area of 219 ha.


The parks in Ploiești and Urlați are fully occupied, the authorities still looking for investors for the other two, in Mizil and Ciorani.


There are over 60 companies in Ploiesti Industrial Park.


Plopeni Industrial Park has an area of 38 ha, with 25 companies and 850 employees, while Brazi Industrial Park has 46 ha and 16 companies. Similarly, in Prahova Industrial Park are active 34 companies, on 28 hectares.


The newest industrial park wit public capital in the county, founded last year, is the one in Bărcănești, wit 89 hectares of land. According to the public manager of the county, Fabioara Ionescu, the development of the park is ongoing, with funds being redirected to its infrastructure.


In Prahova there are four private industrial parks.


According to the data of Prahova’s Local Council, Ploiești West Park, situated in Ariceștii Rahtivani, is the biggest private industrial park in Eastern Europe for logistic activities. It has an area of nearly 290 ha and only 27 companies active by far. (Source: