The offices are located in different areas of the capital and can be used as needed by Freedom Group affiliated agents, starting February. Currently, this is the largest office network in the country, where real estate agents can work or organize their meetings, and has 22 spaces located in class A office buildings. The costs are integrated into the subscription service packages made available by the Freedom Group, the use of spaces having a budget of between 30 and 150 euros per month, per consultant. According to Freedom Group, this new service responds to a trend in the way of working among all the professional categories that work on their own and looking for quality offices, at prices customized to the needs of their activity.

According to Freedom Group estimates, more than 3,000 real estate agents operate in Bucharest. The vast majority work either on their own or in small teams and implicitly most of them face problems such as: lack of adequate space for work and meetings, too high operating costs in relation to the number of hours actually spent at the office, logistical or geographical limitations, as well as the lack of sufficient opportunities for contact with other agents or potential clients.

According to Freedom Group representatives, a major shortcoming for many realtors is the obligation to bear in different forms, in full, the costs of rent and utilities for a space that uses 10 - 20 - 30% of the over 150 hours working of the month.

The founder of Feedom Group plans to extend this new service to other cities in Romania and abroad, depending on the demand and the growth rate of the company and the current partners providing services in the market for coworking spaces. The entrepreneur expects that in the next decade this model will become increasingly demanded in Romania, by consultants from any field. (source: Freedom Group)