The prototype of the S700 model is called CAESAR, an excavator that features the latest technology from its engine up to its control panel. The product has been excellently received at relevant European shows.


Promex Braila has already delivered the first four CAESAR units to Hencon Netherlands. The fifth unit was delivered these days and next year Promex has contracts for seven more units of the same type.

In the Netherlands, Hencon has sold the excavators to various clients who use them to clear canals, cut trees and chop wood, as well as in palletizing.


The design and construction of the Caesar prototype has required an investment of EUR 160,000. The excavator will be mainly exported.


Since 2003 Promex has been part of the Uzinsider Romanian industrial group alongside other plants such as Comelf Bistrita and 24 Ianuarie Ploiesti. Promex is the only producer of excavators in the country. The company can also produce constructions equipments, draglines, cylinders, spur gears, components for the naval industry, for the energy industry and for wind power turbines.


The company has 650 employees and its goal is to reach a number of 1,500 employees. (source: