In Romania, almost 225,000 cars were produced in the first semester, with 181,300 by Dacia, with 17% growth compared to the similar period of last year and almost 43,500 by Ford Romania in Craiova, with 2013 being the first full year with production for B-Max.

„Most probably the jump in car production registered by Romania could not be repetead in the following years. Nevertheless, if Dacia continues to launch attractive cars, Romania’s production still has room for growth“, has declared for ZF Luca Cifferi, the editor-in-chief of Automotive News Europe, the most important economical publication in European automotive industry.

In 2012, Romania hardly occupied the 15th place worldwide, with only 5.3% growth of the car production to 326,556, a volume that insured its tenth position in the top, surpassed by both Italy and Belgium.


At the European level, in the first semester only four countries have registered a growth in car production, including Spain, Great Britain, Slovakia and Romania, while France and Poland have registered biggest decline, of almost 20%.  (source: