According to the report, 83% of the respondents would choose Romania again for investments, even if the share is smaller than in 2012, 89% respectively. Most of the responding companies are in services segment (43%), manufacturing (23%), retail (20%), water and energy industry (4%).

German businessmen think that an enormous business potential still exists, more attractive as the State also has access to European funds.

On the other hand, the managers consider that there is still enough room for improvement, in order to make the “their investment placement even more attractive”.

The expectations regarding their companies’ situation for the current year are generally positive, even if the number of those considering their situation as good has decreased compared to 2012 (36% in 2013 – 42% in 2012).

More than a third of the respondents would invest more and would hire personnel, while only 14% consider job cuts.


Considering the outlook on ranges of activity, 30% of the respondents expect an improvement of the situation and only 19% a deterioration of the current situation.  (source: