'Having accounted for three quarters of the economic growth in 2013, the first two months of this year confirm the increasing industrial competitiveness of the Romanian economy. Thus, the industrial output is growing by a record pace of 9-10 per cent. In February 2014, new orders in industry climbed 20.4 compared with the same period last year, while the overall industry's turnover surged 11.5 per cent over January 1- February 28, 2014, mainly due to the 12.2 per cent growth recorded in the processing industry, according to data revealed by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). These are all positive signals, which entitle us to estimate an economic growth rate in the first quarter of the year higher than the 3.5 per cent recorded last year,' said Cristian Socol.


He underscored that the strategic partnership with the large industrial producers will continue, while the government will also continue to endorse the development of the technological and industrial parks.


'It is obvious that the government's vision with respect to the industrial development of Romania, as described in the governing programme, starts to bring results. We will continue with the strategic partnership with the large industrial producers in Romania and we will continue to endorse the development of technological and industrial parks. Last year we invested 215 million euros in state aids in the industrial sector, following this year to invest 120 million euros. We are also offering additional facilities in support of the large industrial producers,' Cristian Socol.


In his opinion, the changes in the industrial structure also generated positive results, with the high and medium tech industries gaining more weight in the total of the industrial output and in the total exports.



'What we want to do further is to accelerate the stimulation process of the competitiveness clusters and polycentric development, both these processes being likely to ensure a balance in the industrial sector and fill thus the gaps generated by the lack of an adequate industrial policy in post-communist Romania,' said Socol. (Sursa: actmedia.eu)