5.535 vehicles were sold in January, out of which 4.493 cars for which deliveries rose by 16.5 percent compared to 2014, but lowered by 28.5 percent against December.


According to the Association of Car Producers and Importers (APIA), as quoted by Mediafax, the sales on the Romanian market continue to be supported by the purchases made by the companies, which cover 86 percent of total. 


Regarding new car sales, Dacia ranks first with 1.346 sold units (30 percent of total), followed by Skoda (518 units/ 11.5 percent), Volkswagen (456 units/ 10.1 percent), Ford (324 units/ 7.2 percent), Renault (272 units/ 6.1 percent) and Opel (251 units/ 5.6 percent).


Dacia Logan was the best sold model in January 2015, followed by Duster, Skoda Octavia and Logan MCV.


33.834 vehicles were produced in January, 3.2 percent more compared to the same period of 2014. Out of these, 26.914 were assembled by Dacia and 6.920 by Ford.


The most exported models in January were Dacia Duster (13.677 units), Ford B-Max (6.741 units) and Dacia Logan (5.187 units).


Romanian car market revived last year, after six years of massive decreases, car and commercial vehicle sales going up by 21.5 percent to 100.330 units. (source: business-review.eu)