“We will stop production this winter, when the season is over, and we will relocate the roofing department in two locations belonging to Plannja Romania, in Bacau and Tunari, afterwards we will figure out what to do in Bolintin Deal. SSAB will decide, through the real-estate department. Our main options are renting, selling or relocating part of SSAB’s activity”, according to Marian Pirvu, Ruukki Romania business director.


Rautarukki, former owner of Ruukki Romania, merged this year with SSAB. The departments for civil and industrial constructions were regrouped into a new division called Ruukki Construction with headquarters in Finland.


Ruukki Romania will close its paneling, profile and metallic structure production lines at Bolintin Deal and some of its metallic tile production will be moved to locations in Bacau and Ilfov, owned by Plannja Romania, another SSAB local branch. The two branches will merge this winter under the Ruukki Construction Romania brand.


109 people will be let go, with compensating salaries, while 50 others will be relocated to the Tunari factory. (source: business-review.eu)