The investment in building the two photovoltaic parks will reach approx. EUR 37 million, and the projects are carried through the companies Elisolar and Vis Solaris, both controlled by Energreen Investment Group.

 Elisolar is developing a solar park of approx 5 MW in Hălchiu, Braşov district, and the company Vis Solaris is developing a photovoltaic park of 17 MW in Hoghiz, same district. „Toshiba is the works contractor. We hope the photovoltaic park in Hălchiu to be completed by the end of the year“, has declared Cristian Blaj, Elisolar’s administrator.

Toshiba Transmission and Distribution provides equipments for the distribution of electricity towards the factories, residential complexes and energy production units.

Main shareholder of Energreen Investment Group is the American financial services company Clarion.


Currently in Romania there are over 410 MW photovoltaic projects ongoing. (source: