Grupo Antolin-CML, the division of lighting parts of the Spanish group, estimates that the new unit would be operational by the end of this year, according to the publication European Plastics News.

The factory construction has already started in the same industrial area as the existing unit, in the vicinity of Sibiu airport.

During the year, Antolin intends to relocate the production lines from the existing factory, situated in ao a rented space, to the new unit, also increasing the capacity.

The Antolin factory in Sibiu has currently 357 employees and addresses several cars producers.

The Spanish group has taken over the factory in Sibiu in 2011, when it has bought the French car parts producer CML Innovative Technologies.


According to the data from the Ministry of Finance, CML Innovative Technologies Sibiu had in 2012 a turnover of 14.8 million lei and a profit of 646,000 lei, with 163 employees. The unit’s activity has been expanded last year. (Source: