The contract for building the 12.4 km of the third section of Sebes-Turda highway, with a value of RON 420 million (EUR 93 million), was won by Italians Tirrena Scavi and Societa Italiana per Condotte D’Acqua.


The fourth section, with a length of 16.3 km, will be done by Austrian Porr Construct and Porr Bau for RON 470 million (EUR 104 million).


Financing is provided through European funds (85 percent) and the state budget. Execution time is measured at 22 months, with four months for planning. Dan Sova, minister of Transport, announced the contracts will be signed in the previous week, after several complaints were denied by the Court of Appeal. The courts have yet to make a ruling regarding the first two sections.


CNADNR selected a group of Romanian, Italian and Austrian constructors for the Sebes-Turda highway with a total length of 70 kilometers, at a price of EUR 6 million / kilometer. (Source: