The drivers coming from Western Europe will cross from the entrance in Romania a continuous motorway of 93 km between Nădlac and Timisoara’s proximity village Remetea Mare. The drivers will cover the 290 km distance between Timişoara and Budapest in 2-2.5 hours.

While Romania still has several motorway segments between Nădlac and Constanţa which wouldn’t be completed sooner than 2-3 years, Hungary is nearing the completion this year of a motorway connecting without interruption its Western border with Austria to the one with Romania.


The highway between Western and Eastern Romania, between Nădlac and Constanţa, will have approx. 850 km length if to consider the route Sibiu-Piteşti, but only 530 km are currently completed. This highway will be entirely completed only after nearly 10 years, according to Government’s data. (source: