FOB exports totaled RON 17.75 billion (EUR 3.93 bln), an CIF imports totaled RON 18.87 billion (EUR 4.18 bln).

“Compared to January 2013, exports went up 8.8 percent at values expressed in lei (6.3 percent for euro), while imports increased 7.1 at values expressed in lei (4.6 percent for euro). January 2014 exports increased 3.3 percent in lei on the month (2.1 percent in euro) and imports dropped 2.7 percent in lei (3.8 percent in euro)”, according to the INS.

The trade deficit amounted to RON 1.12 billion (EUR 249 million), a RON 176.5 million drop (EUR 49.8 million) on the year.

The most important categories in the trade account structure were automobiles (41.4 percent exports, 34.8 percent imports) and other manufactured products (33.2 percent exports, and 29.9 percent imports).


Last year, the trade deficit decreased by 41.3 percent to RON 25.21 billion (EUR 5.7 billion) and exports reached a record high of EUR 49.56 billion. (source: