The project which entails the construction of an auto parts plant for Yazaki on a plot of land of 8.5 hectares, leased in Braila’s Free Area, was presented on Friday at a press conference by Yazaki Director General Mehmet Sonmez and Plant Director Frantisek Kolvek, in the presence of Belgian Ambassador Philippe Beke.


“Production in the new plant is planned to start in the second half of 2015, and our intention is to gradually employee 1,500 people by the end of 2017. The investment totals EUR 15 M on the production side and EUR 9 M on the infrastructure side. We chose Braila because career opportunities here seem to be limited from the point of view of industrialization. We want the people of Braila to develop along with us, to have better standards of living, better career opportunities right here where they live,” Plant Director Frantisek Kolvek stated.


Yazaki Director General Mehmet Sonmez pointed out that at this moment the Yazaki corporation is present in 44 countries and has over 250,000 employees in Asia, Africa, the US and Europe. “Yazaki’s main philosophy is the following: Yazaki is an up-to-date corporation, a corporation that society needs. Yazaki opened its first plant in Romania in Ploiesti, in 2003.  In 2011 we opened a new plant in Caracal. We recently announced the opening of the third plant in Urlati, Prahova County,” Mehmet Sonmez stated.


Present in Braila on this occasion, Belgian Ambassador Philippe Beke expressed his pleasure with the fact that the relations of cooperation between Belgium and Japan will mark 150 years next year. “The partnership between a Japanese and a Belgian company is a reason for pride. Relations between Belgium and Japan will already mark 150 years of close collaboration next year. Another reason for being proud is the fact that, like it happened in the 19th Century, Braila will become stronger through its investors,” Philippe Beke stated.


Yazaki is one of the most important global suppliers for the auto industry, and its main products are auto wiring, equipment and components for the auto industry. (source: